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Come and Worship With Us

Sundays: 10am

via Shaheerah Stephens Facebook and YouTube page

 P.O. BOX 38817

Detroit, Mi 48238



About Transforming Love Community


We are here to create an environment where you can experience the Presence of GOD. We are convinced that developing a relationship with the Christ within you will afford you a life of Health, Happiness, Peace and Abundance. We are here to teach the truth principles as espoused by our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Spirit within you will bring you into all Truth and Knowledge.


Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Calling


Transforming Love Community was created in 1997 on the knowledge that "God is love." (1 John 4:8) Love is transforming.

TLC is a place where people are being transformed by the power of unconditional love and the teachings of Jesus Christ. On Sundays we co-create with Spirit an environment where we can "experience" God's presence. Our mission statement says, "We are convinced that developing a relationship with the Christ within, will afford you a life of health, happiness, peace and abundance." 

As spiritual instruction is dispensed to assist you in developing your walk with Christ, we will celebrate with you the fruits that will follow this relationship.

We are all individualized expressions of God.  We believe that

"There is Nothing to be Healed, only God to be Revealed."  

Transforming Love Community is a Christian trans-denominational community.  

Please use this site to access information about our community.

Please join us for our Sunday celebrations on our social media platforms, Facebook and YouTube


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Our Leadership and Staff


Shaheerah Stephens

Senior and Founding Minister

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