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Don't Get Hooked

All day long we are dealing with hooks! A thought can hook you and lead you down a dark hole into despair. A thought can hook you and lead you into action towards your dream. A person can hook you with a reply or response. You however, get to decide whether you want to be on the hook or not. Sometimes we are blind-sided and we don't see that it' a hook until we notice how agitated we are or uneasy. I am minding my mind so I saw how I almost got hooked about 15 minutes ago. I saw a reply and it jolted me and then I smiled because I was reminded that everyone gets to be right where they are. And, I get to stay in this sweet, peaceful space that's been given me in which I am consciously dwelling in today.

So, this post is me patting myself on the back for yet again, seeing a hook and not jumping on it!


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