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Golden Leaves

"High-Stepping Into The New Dispensation"

-Join Us as We Celebrate TLC's 26th Anniversary-

Fall Foliage
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" High-stepping Into The New Dispensation!"
I am living very deliberately as a Spirit versus a body.
That's high-stepping.
I am committed to my daily spiritual practice that keeps me steady.
That's high-stepping.
I am living above the noise.
That's high-stepping.
I am rooted in God's unconditional love which makes me love those I don't necessarily want to love.
That's high-stepping.
I acknowledge Most High as my SOURCE for everything.
That's high-stepping.
I am steeped in Self-Love, Self-forgiveness and Self-care.
When I am loving me, I am loving God.
And that's high-stepping.
I am high-stepping today...
I am stepping right over all pettiness, negativity, nonessentials, irrelevancies, and BS. I am stepping into joy, patience, compassion, understanding, and knowing faith.
I am soooooo grateful.
Mark, your calendar for Saturday, October 7, 2023
3 p.m -7 Focus Hope we are going be high-stepping Y'all!

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