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Transforming Love Community

Sunday...."LIVE"  Celebration

Sunday Service broadcast LIVE via Shaheerah Stephens Facebook and YouTube page...

10am ET

December 2022

I Affirm: "I AM open to the Divine flow of goodness, ideas, and substance in every area of my life!"

Power: "LIFE / NEW LIFE"

Disciple: "JUDAS"

Color: "RED"


"Understanding: "LIFE / NEW LIFE

(Reference) The Revealing Word

That expression of Being which manifests as animation, activity, vigor. Life and substance are ideas in Divine Mind. Life is the acting principle; substance is the thing acted upon. In the phenomenal world, life is the energy that propels all forms to action. Life is not in itself intelligent; it requires the directive power of an entity that knows where and how to apply its force in order to get the best results.

In order to give man a body having life in itself, God had to endow him with a focal life center, located in the generative organs. Life does not emanate from the mind; it is not a psychic or purely mental quality, nor does it spring from the physical. Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God, Spirit. The river of life is within man in his spiritual consciousness. He comes into consciousness of the river of life through the quickening of Spirit.

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November 2022

I Affirm: “ I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good!”


Disciple: "THADDEUS"



"Understanding: "ZEAL"
(Reference): The Revealing Word

A letting go of old thoughts in order that new thoughts may find place in consciousness. A healthy state of mind is attained when the thinker willingly lets go of the old thoughts and takes on the new. This is illustrated by the inlet and outlet of a pool of water. The center of renunciation, sometimes called elimination, in the lower part of the abdomen, carries forward the work of elimination of error thoughts from the mind and waste from the body.

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October 2022

I Affirm: “I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose!”

Power: "ZEAL"

Disciple: "SIMON, the Zealot"


Location:  NAVEL

"Understanding: "ZEAL"
(Reference:(Reference: The Revealing Word) 

Intensity, ardor, enthusiasm; the inward fire of the soul that urges man onward, regardless of the intellectual mind of caution and conservatism.

Zeal is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms; it urges the planet on its course and spurs the ant to greater exertion. It is the urge behind all things.

Zeal is the affirmative impulse of existence, its command is “Go forward!”

Happy Anniversary TLC!

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To view... "5 Keys That Will Solve All Problems" PowerPoint click on the symbol below...

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September 2022

I Affirm: “Divine Order is becoming active in my mind, body, and affairs, and all things are working together for my good.”


Disciple: JAMES (son of Alphaeus)


Location:  NAVEL

"Understanding: "DIVINE ORDER"
(Reference: Discover Your God-Given Potential)


Order is the first law of the universe. Indeed, there could be no universe unless its various parts were kept in perfect order. The facts of Spirit are of spiritual character and, when understood in their right relation, they are orderly. Orderliness is law and is test of true science. (The Revealing Word)

Order is the outgrowth of your complete agreement and cooperation with spiritual law. Learning to apply spiritual laws in your life, you will finally move into spiritual realization of the quality of order.

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To view... "Soul Level Healing" PowerPoint click on the symbol below...

August 2022

I Affirm: “I am Willing to be led by God in all I think, say and do.”

Power: WILL

Disciple: MATTHEW



"Understanding: "WILL"
(Reference: The Revealing Word & Your God-Given Potential)

The will is the executive faculty of the mind, the determining factor in man. What man wills or decrees come to pass in his experience. “Thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” (Job 22:28).
The will is the center in mind and body around which revolve all the activities that constitute consciousness. It is the avenue through which the I AM expresses its potentiality.
Will is the ability to choose, decide, command, lead, and determine.


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July 2022

I Affirm: “Divine understanding is awakened in me, and I am divinely guided in all that I do."


Disciple: THOMAS

Color: GOLD


Understanding "UNDERSTANDING"

(Reference: The Revealing Word & Discover Your God-Given Potential)

God is supreme knowing. That in man which comprehends is understanding; it knows and comprehends in wisdom. Its comparisons are not made in the realm of form, but in the realm of ideas. It knows how to accomplish things. Spiritual discernment reveals that knowledge and intelligence are auxiliary to understanding. There are two ways of getting understanding. One is by following the guidance of Spirit that dwells within, and the other is to go blindly ahead and learn by hard experience.

Spiritual understanding is the quickening of the Spirit within. Spiritual understanding is the ability of the mind to apprehend and realize the laws of thought and the relation of ideas one to another.

Understanding puts feet under your prayers and gives your spiritual activity foundation to stand on.

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June 2022

I Affirm: “I envision good unfolding in every area of my life!”





Understanding "IMAGINATION"

(Reference: The Revealing Word)

The faculty of mind that images and forms; the power to shape and form thought. The imagining faculty presides at the nerve center between the

eyes. Through this faculty the formless takes form.

With our imagination we lay hold of ideas and clothe them in substance. The body is the product of the mind. What man pictures or imagines in his mind will eventually appear in his body. In the communication of God with man, the imaging power of the mind plays and important part. It receives divine ideas and reflects their character to the consciousness.

According to Scripture this is the opening of the heavens and the seeing the “angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man” John 1:51).

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May 2022

I Affirm: “I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action.”

Power: POWER

Disciple: PHILIP

Color : PURPLE


Understanding POWER:

(Reference: Your God Given Potential)

Power is a gift of God. It is not an end in itself and not a goal to be sought. It is simply a means that enables us to attain the end result of bringing forth God ideas on earth. It is not to be used for selfish gain or satisfaction of the personal ego, but for the forward spiritual movement of the whole. It is to be exercised not for the purpose of controlling others, but for the purpose of taking dominion over our own thoughts and feelings in order to come into greater God-awareness. Power is the vital energy that has its seat in the hollow of the throat, at the root of the tongue. Spiritual power flows into our body from the Christ center at the top of the head and is released in the form of radiant energy through the center of the throat. Power is released by consciously speaking positive, powerful words of Truth. This important

gift should be used in conjunction with the other 11 powers of God.



Listen to Rev's Message "Pain, Purpose and Power" (5/1/22)

The Life Purpose Exercise

(an exercise from Arnold Patent) 

1. List two of your unique personal qualities, such as enthusiasm and charisma.

Note: If you find this hard to do, ask a very close friend or your spouse to share with you what they think are your qualities.

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others such as to empower and to inspire.

3. Assume the world is perfect right now. What does this world look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does it feels like? Write your answer as a statement, in the present tense, describing the ultimate condition, the perfect world as you see it and feel it. Remember, a perfect world is a fun  place to be.

Examples: Everyone is freely expressing their own unique talents.

Everyone is working in harmony.

Everyone is expressing love.

4. Combine the three prior subdivisions of this paragraph into a single statement.

Example: My purpose is to use my enthusiasm and charisma to empower and inspire others to freely express their talents in a harmonious and loving way.

“Figure out what you love to do as young as you can, and then organize your life around figuring out how to make a living at it.” Pat Williams (Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic basketball team)

After you define your purpose everything will be more joyful , fun and exciting. Believe me!!! But, don’t get me wrong on this point. I’m not saying that everything is going to be easy and a piece of cheesecake. What I’m saying is that every step you make toward your dreams and goals will be on purpose and with a burning desire.

A very important insight I learned about this topic is that your purpose doesn’t have to be fixed. You are an evolving human being and through continuous self discovery you can modify your purpose at any time.

April 2022

I Affirm: “I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action.”


Disciple: JAMES (son of Zebedee

Color : YELLOW


Understanding WISDOM:

Intuitive knowing; spiritual intuition; the voice of God within as the source of our understanding; mental action based on the Christ Truth within.Wisdom includes judgment, discrimination, intuition, and all the departments of the mind that come under the head of knowing. This “knowing” capacity transcends intellectual knowledge. Spiritual discernment always places wisdom above the other faculties of the mind and reveals that knowledge and intelligence are auxiliary to understanding. -The Revealing Word-

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March 2022

Affirm: "With God I have the strength I need – both inner & outer – to accomplish, achieve, or overcome anything!”


Disciple: ANDREW

Color : GREEN



Understanding STRENGTH:

Strength is the energy of God. Freedom from weakness; stability of character; power to withstand temptation; capacity to accomplish. Strength is physical, mental and spiritual.

Strength expresses itself on (3) levels, each one complementing the others in this life expression on the earth plane. In the physical realm, strength is vitality, endurance, the ability to persist. In the mental area of expression, strength is that quality of mind which enables one to lead, to accomplish, to follow through on decisions, to establish purposes in life, and to hold firm to spiritual principles in daily living. It expresses itself as stability in character.

The highest expression, and the one that should determine the direction of strength in the other realms, is the spiritual realization of this quality. Here strength is closely allied with faith.

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February 2022

Affirm: “I AM one with God, and God is perfect Love!”

Power: LOVE

Disciple: John

Color is PINK…



Understanding LOVE:

The pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family. In Divine Mind, love is the power that joins and binds in divine harmony the universe and everything in it. Divine love is impersonal; it loves for the sake of loving. It is not concerned with what or who it loves, not with a return of love. Love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody. It insists that all is good, and by refusing to see anything but good it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself, and in all things. Love is the great harmonizer and healer.

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January 2022

Now Faith is the Assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

Power: FAITH

Disciple: Peter

Color: Dark Blue


Center of the Brain/Pineal Gland

Faith becomes active and effective when it’s built on a Strong Foundation.

The location of the Faith center is significant. It is in the center of the head, between the ears and the eyes. When we put our Faith in that which we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, we are using the faculty in a limited way and the results will come accordingly.


Affirmation: “My faith in God sets me free from all worry, anxiety and doubt”

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