Join the Transforming Love Community family as we prepare ourselves for unlimited abundance,

healing, and growth.  These workshops will be held at Transforming Love Community's Multi-Purpose Center,                         15400 Plymouth Road, Detroit Michigan 48227 and are provided for a love offering.




The 12 Powers

The 1st Saturday of each month, the Power for that month

will be celebrated.  

Understanding the Powers may seem complex, but they are really practical spiritual gifts that each person uses every day. You will learn about the

Twelve Powers, and be able to 

apply them in your life!


is the month of



Location: Abdominal

 Region, Lower Spine

Disciple: Thaddaeus

Color: Russet


I Affirm:

“I forgive myself. 

I forgive all others for all perceived wrongs.  I release and let go in Love.”



Friday, November 29th

SEE Ministry:

TLC “ADULT” Game Night

Presented by: 

SEE (Spiritual Enlightenment Entertainment) Ministry




The Realm of Spirit!


December 2nd-6th




Rev. Shaheerah &

The TLC FaithKeepers



(712) 775-8968 / Code: 750844




Friday, December 6th


TLC FaithKeepers Shut-In

Facilitator: Kendra Ventour


Saturday, December 14th

(A Combined Class)

10am-12 Noon / 12 Noon-2pm


The 12 Powers: NEW LIFE!  


The “New Life” Membership Class

Everyone is welcome!





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Sunday Celebrations  and Classes are held at: 

TLC Multi-Purpose Center & Headquarters

15400 Plymouth Rd., Detroit, MI 48227

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