As I breathe in, I remember that I am in God and God lives in me.

There is only one life and that life is God and that eternal life is my life.  The Christ light and love penetrate my cells to the core.  The Christ light overshadows my thinking and overtakes my heart.  Peace floods my whole being and God is making me brand new.  I accept that I am healed right now and I patiently allow the physical manifestation to take place.  God is in charge.  God is taking care of all bodily functions and making every necessary adjustment needed for my healing.  God is guiding the hands of all those who care for me.   I am healed in Jesus' name.

God is everywhere, Omnipresent. 

God is all powerful, Omnipotent. 

God is all knowing, Omniscient.

Right now, I accept that there is no condemnation for those in Christ.  I am in Christ and, therefore, I accept that God desires that "above all things that I prosper and be in good health."         (3 John 1:2.)  Right now God is supplying me with all of my needs.  Blessings are flowing to me right now.  Opportunities are being presented to me.  I am giving of my time, talent, gifts and money to fund where I receive my spiritual food and to bless others.  Right now I download this truth, "I am one with all the wealth that there is in the Universe and it knows my name, address and phone number.  I trust in the goodness of God."


"Let not your heart be troubled."   - John 14


A troubled heart is the gateway for lack, illness and unhappiness.  What's troubling your heart?  Are you feeling afraid, lonely or hopeless? We are here to support you and help you navigate through this unprecedented time of "CHANGE".  Remember Beloved, God is "CHANGELESS."


God is love.  God still loves YOU, God still needs YOU.  Nobody else can do what you came here to do.  Allow us to love on you!  You will feel welcome with us and the Presence of God will touch you and comfort you.


Prayer Treatments


The word is powerful.  John 1 says "...the word is God."  Speak these treatments for 21 days.  Read Psalms 23-24, 37 and 91 daily.  Join a church or group that can help you sustain your God move.

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