Spiritual Leader & Senior Minister 

Rev. Shaheerah Stephens

Two New York Times best selling authors have this to say about her...


Marianne Williamson says, "Shaheerah is a bright star on the spiritual horizon, her truth hits the bulls eye."


Iyanla Vanzant says of her work, "The Wealth of a Spiritual Woman"… "There is nothing more valuable than The Wealth of a Spiritual Woman.  Shaheerah reminds us of that and teaches us how to keep our valuables safe… this book is a divine investment."  Iyanla Vanzant says in her book,Yesterday I Cried, “Had it not been for Shaheerah’s prayers, her faith in me, her words…Iyanla never would have been born.  Shaheerah was like a midwife who knew exactly what to do or say to turn me around.”          READ MORE...

Kenneth Davis has been in the ministry for twenty-three years.  He studied theology at Tyndale College and Behavioral Health at Wayne State University. His ministry and message focuses on people in recovery. 


"I've been studying scripture since attending Tyndell Bible School in 1980.  Healing and revealing, as they are practical applications, had been a major concern.  It wasn't until I started attending Transforming Love Community under the guidance of Rev. Shaheerah Stephens that understanding Universal Law and Spiritual Principles became key in having the ability to allow the Words of God become flesh.  To know the Word is truly one thing; being able to identify and apply the underlying principles is what transformation is all about."

 Rev. Ken Davis








Assistant Minister

Rev. Ken Davis

TLC Mission Statement

     We are here to create an environment where you can experience the Presence of God.  We are convinced that developing a relationship with the Christ within you will afford you a life of health, happiness, peace and abundance.  We are here to teach the truth principles as espoused by our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We believe that the Spirit within you will bring you into all truth and knowledge.



Sunday Celebrations - 10:00 AM

TLC Headquarters & Multipurpose Center

15400 Plymouth Road, Detroit, MI 48227



Plenty of parking and  a loving, quality church for children with many former educators teaching.



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TLC Multi-Purpose Center & Headquarters

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